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TOP10 Birthday Party venues for Kids in Christchurch!

Perfect kids parties!

Kid’s birthday parties are on just about every families to do list at some point. Whether you go all out every year, throw a special milestone bash or celebrate quietly with family, there are so many options to choose from.  If you are looking at hosting a party at home head over to  My Kids Party for amazing tips and inspiration from Christchurch local Gerardine.

If you want the ease of an offsite party, follow our tips and check out our TOP 10 venue suggestions!

  • Book well in advance - you'd be surprised at how many children celebrate a birthday each week, you may need to pay a deposit to confirm your slot. Read the terms and conditions carefully, you don't want any party day surprises. Make sure you speak to a staff member AT the venue as sometimes head office might have a different idea of what actually happens - for example we were told at QEII that we could store food easily and have the room early if there was no other booking. Unfortunately that wasn't the way things are done - it all worked out in the end but was a little stress I could have done without. 
  • Try to get an idea of numbers before you book so you can see if your budget will accommodate the venue. Most places charge a "per child" rate with a requirement for so many children to be paid for.
  • Organise Pizza or another take away option to be delivered. We love Domino's because not only are they yummy and a brand kids recognise and enjoy, they offer Vegetarian, dairy Free and Gluten Free options, making hosting that much easier. 
  • Venue parties are definately not the time to showcase your amazing baking skills. By the time you load everything into the car and transport kids plus snacks etc to the party room there is a good chance your cute themed cupcakes will be a bit of a mess. Get a trusted friend to collect the cake and bring it in separately. Go for simple - think chips in bowls, party mix lollies, chopped fruit/veg. Combine with pizza and cake, the kids will leave full and happy.
  • If you are getting a cake made and want something out of this world pretty, you can't go past  Cakes by Anna or for a more affordable and themed option, we had a great minecraft cake from Adrienne at Cakes Galore


  • Most places don't have anywhere for you to hang a pinata or decorations - Call ahead to make sure! We always take scissors, tape and blu tak just incase we can pop up some decorations. What works best for us is lots of pretty bowls and some confetti of various sizes and streamers. You may want to take free standing decorations like this DIY photo frame We don't worry about balloons any more due to the waste, however there are some very pretty paper options available from the Warehourse, Kmart and Spotlight to choose from. If you don't have the time, energy or inclination everything you need can be picked up in one quick shop and disposed of after the party. Be prepared to take several boxes/bags of supplies in with you.

  • Don't forget a box/container to take presents home in!
  • Water, water, water! I was surprised at how many venues don't have a tap or fridge at easy reach - Grab a couple of litres of water to have because kids will want a sugar break.
  • We do use disposable plates and cups etc and take a vivid to write everyones name on. Our last party was just after lockdown so we had to be extremely careful about kids sharing cups!
  • Make sure you have at least one other parent to help - you'd be amazed at how much attention the kids need just when you are trying to pay the venue or help one of the kids find the bathroom
  • Expect to stay 10 minutes at the end to sweep up and wipe down the tables, most venues have a "please tidy" request.
  • Don't be afraid to book the same venue as another child from class. The kids love returning again and again to their favourites!
  • Goody bags, love em or hate them they are an expectation these days and it's a brave parent that defies the trend. Kmart offers a great selection of cheap fillers - we usually go with a handful of lollies, 3 trinkets such as a matching pencil, eraser and sticker and possibly something like removeable tattoos.
  • Don't forget the candles and matches
  • Let parents know if you want them to stay or disappear, and be very clear about pick up time. Make sure you have the phone number of every one's parent just in case.


Laser Strike – Every time we get an invitation to Laser Strike the kids get super excited, in fact we have had more invites to Laser Strike than any other venue. With private rooms for your party and no more than 2 groups at a time it is an easy and safe option for the 7 plus set


2 A The Imagination Station has become a firm favourite with the LEGO set. Based in Turanga  (The central Library), Imagination Station has a separate room for parties and can cater and supply your goody bag too. Building themed challenges and activities can be pre arranged and your builders can knock themselves out with all the lego at their disposal. This party is pretty much ticks all the boxes for a hassle free and fun party. Catering, indoors, activity and kids who are not comfortable with physical activity are well catered to. It is a great option if you are looking for an accessible party.

A ClipnClimb party is the first off site party we ever held and it was a great success. Kids of all ages can test their skills and bravery while building up an appetite. There are tables and seating upstairs that can be booked. We have found this format works really well when you have a group of different aged kids as there is enough to challenge the older kids while the littlies can have a go easily.  Altough there are handy instructors onsite it does pay to have some extra hands available for this party as younger kids will need help with their harness and belay. One of the things our kids love about Clipnclimb parties is watching the  older teens and adults navigate the huge climbing walls while waiting for parents to arrive.

4. Taiora QEII is fast becoming a popular choice with older children. With a huge hyrdroslide, lazy river and several regular pools there is something to suit everyone. We recently had Park kid #1's 10th birthday here and it was awesome. Because the venue was so big and the prices very reasonable  we had a double party with one of her other friends who also had a lockdown birthday. There were a couple of kids who weren't into the hydroslide but they stil had a great time. You do need to make sure you have at least 2 supervising parents. We also made sure we had someone in the change room with the girls both to help and to make sure they were safe. There is a small party room (see pic above) that we managed to throw up some decor in (although using a bit more no 8 wire than I would normally like). We had a 2.5 hour party and this was perfect.

5. Budding adrenaline junkies can host a super cool party to be proud of at Christchurch Adventure Park, coming in at the higher end of birthday party venues, the cost includes your choice of activity and food, making it great value when stacked up against the others. It is a great option for older kids who still want a party but want to do soemthing a bit more out there. There is an option for zipline to be included so you might want to poll your guests before booking!

6. For a more sedate and perhaps traditional option we love Hoyts ENTX. Remember when going to the cinema was exciting! Entx really makes us feel like we are having a special day out, the seats are super comfy, snacks are dazzling and the screens are huuuge. With lots of restaurants downstairs you can have a low key movie and lunch in very cool surrounds. Check out the mix of old movies that are showing right now due to the Hollywood shutdown, it's a great time for wee ones to Frozen on the big screen, or for teens, 10 Things I hate about you is also on.

7. If there is a kid in Christchurch that doesn't lose their mind when invited to Inflatable World I haven't met them. While I get chills thinking of supervising this, parents assure me it is a fantastic party venue that is easy to navigate. Our kids get very jealous when one has to sit home while the other goes boinga boinga all afternoon long.

8. For kids who are purists when it comes to bouncing, the other gravity defying option is Flip Out. Home of Ninja Training and grip socks Flip out offers party rooms and no nonsense jumping fun. Our kids love the space, it is a little less rambunctious than Inflatable world which suits us better.

9. If you have a child under 7, one of the best party options is The Airforce Museum. There are a range of activities to choose from and your wee cadet can dress up with their friends and tackle a big adventure. It is perfect for 3 to 7 year olds. We love the fact that they set up a space in their cafe for you, provide party hats and supply food. They even take care of the goody bags! You bring your own cake and they take care of the rest. The first hour of the party is hosted (but I have seen a few parents under the parachutes!) and then you take care of the dining portion. What I love about the Airforce museum is that if you have some kids who need to run around there is so much space to do so, plus, being indoors there is no need to worry about the weather. 

10. If you want to have an outdoor party but with enough activities to keep the kids super busy, why not try us? Here at Christchurch TOP10 Holiday Park we have been helping families create happy birthdays for many years now. Our party service is strictly venue only, so you can run things how you like. You have use of the heated, indoor swimming pool, play ground and jumping pillow, snookball and we throw in a couple of fun bikes too. We also have an indoor play area if the weather turns bad, although kids seem happy to hang out in the pool on wet days. We keep space in one of our 3 dining rooms for you and you can decorate the area as well. We do have BBQ's you can use, however most find it easier on everyone to get the pizza delivered! While we don't offer sole use of facilities, we never offer more than one party at a time and there is plenty of space to go around. Get in touch with our team today to find out more!

So there you have it! If you think we have missed anything amazing let us know and we will do a follow up post. Please note, no payment was solicited or received for the above recommendations and our own parties were paid by us - they are purely what we feel are great options - book with confidence.