Christchurch TOP 10 Holiday Park

Go Live! Festival

Go Live!

Join us at Victoria Square on Saturday 28 November and Sunday 29 November. Be entertained, and enjoy two free all-ages shows running over this weekend.

Go Live! will also feature a series of free R18 shows at local venues including Dux Central, The Good Home Ferrymead, Grater Goods and Cassels Blue Smoke, tickets available now. 

Full artist line-up

Jason Kerrison, The Eastern, Deep Water Creek, Adam Hattaway & The Haunters, Stomping Nick, Li'l Chuck, Blues Professor, One Waka, Dolphin Friendly, Dusty Hustle, The Easy Hearts, Katie Thompson, Ryan Fisherman, Your Indigo, Emma Dilemma, The Ranchsliders, Mark Vanilau, Flip Grater, Fraser Ross, Dillastrate, PRINS, The Settlers, The Response, The Wendys, The Tacks, Pieces Of Molly, Thunderwulf, Imperial April,  Dark Matter Hurricane, and Pretty Stooked

The festival will also feature a special industry seminar on Wednesday 25 November. The Seminar will cover all avenues of releasing, marketing and promoting music.

Go Live! Go Local!

Some events are smoke-free and alcohol-free.