World Buskers Festival in Christchurch

Since 1994, summer in Christchurch has meant the Buskers Festival—ten days in late January when downtown Christchurch comes to resemble a circus.  Buskers from across New Zealand and around the world come to town for a massive, captivating, colourful display of street performances.  It’s hugely popular with locals and visitors alike, and draws over 300,000 spectators each year.  Absolutely a can’t-miss event. With more than 500 performances by jugglers, acrobats, comedians, dancers, musicians you’ll be entertained and amazed by the talented buskers.  The atmosphere in Christchurch is also worth experiencing, as the central business district transforms into a hub of music, movement, laughter and gasps of awe.  After the earthquakes that rocked downtown last year, the city definitely deserves a week to let loose and have fun—we can’t wait!

One of the best things about the Buskers Festival is how well it engages the whole family, from the youngest to the oldest.  The street acts are all kid-friendly, though some comedy performances for the over 18 crowd are held in the evenings. The festival is free to attend, though buskers are paid by donation.  Bring a pocket of gold coins (this could be a great way to get rid of any extra New Zealand dollars before you leave the country) and drop them in the hats of any buskers who really grabbed your attention.

How to get to the Buskers Festival from Christchurch TOP 10 Holiday Park

All you have to do is catch any bus from Northlands Mall.  Any bus heading downtown will take you there (because of limited parking, we definitely recommend you take the bus rather than drive). The festival runs from January 20-30 beginning at 11am daily. Timetables and venues can be found at the Buskers Festival website, or just go for a wander around town—you’ll be amazed at what you find!