What's New in Christchurch?

  • Christchurch pedicabs
  • Mega Air trampolining Christchurch
  • Crate Escape Christchurch
  • Ubu night at The Gym, Christchurch Arts Centre

From time to time we bring together some of the newest things to do around Christchurch for your viewing pleasure. The attractions and activities continue to evolve and emerge around the city, so there is always something new to check out when you visit (or if you live here!)

Christchurch Pedicabs

Riding on the back of a three wheeled rickshaw style bicycle, with a pedaller upfront doing all the hard work, is the latest way to get around the central city - when you can't be bothered doing it under your own steam.

Christchurch Pedicabs is the new firm in town, with five pedicabs based in the city centre working day and night to take you places you want to go. The new service started in early October 2016, in good time for the summer months when people really appreciate a light breeze through their hair while they enjoy watching the world go by.

The price is pretty cheap, especially if you just want a quick trip - standard price is $10 per ride (inside the Four Avenues) and Happy Hour price of $7 between 9pm and 10pm each evening. You can also grab a $30 tour if you want to see a little more. Catch your pedicab in the centre of town, Cathedral Square.

Crate Escape, 196 Armagh Street, CBD

Crate Escape is an exciting real life escape game in the middle of Christchurch. You and a group of friends are confined to a room, full of hidden clues, locks and puzzles for 60 minutes. Your goal is to solve all the puzzles and escape with time to spare!

Crate Escape is great for friends and family or as a team-building activity for your staff, co-workers, school, club or other group. Everyone must WORK TOGETHER to escape from the room. Groups are a maximum of 6 people at a time, and minimum age is 10 years.

The Crate Escape is located right next to the Margaret Mahy playground, so if you are a bigger group, there is plenty to keep others occupied while you go through the challenge. Groups under 16 years old need to have at least one adult on their team. Pricing ranges from $20 - $30 per person, depending on how many are in your group - the more of you there are, the lower the per person cost. Book through their website (and you'll see that it is mostly open on weekends.)

Mega Air Trampoline Arena, Carmen Road, Christchurch

This new arrival in Christchurch is hours of fun for kids of all ages! Hundreds of square metres of interconnecting trampolines, trampolines up the wall, tumbling trampolines, trampolines to run, jump and flip from – Mega-Air is trampolining heaven.  

You can jump from trampoline to trampoline, bounce off the walls, perform tricks, practice your gymnastic moves, get ready for snowboarding, or just have bouncing fun your own way. You can find them at 106A Carmen Road, and they are open between 9am and 9pm daily. Pricing starts from $15.00 for an hour with second hour $10.00. They have a family price and special rates for accompanied pre-school age children.

Blue Smoke live performance venue, The Tannery, Woolston

Formerly known as Gustav's, Blue Smoke started out life as a restaurant, but has morphed into a music venue with great casual American diner style food and an impressive roster of muso's lined up for the forseeable future. Check out their Facebook events page to see what's coming up.

Free Theatre Ubu Nights, The Gym, Arts Centre of Christchurch

Ubu invite viewers to a series of Friday night events where performance is combined with hospitality in ways that he describes as Pataphysical. Entry is $10 (door sales only), the bar is open from 6pm and stocked with Cassels beer and Black Estate wine. Special delicacies are served that are in keeping with the theme of the evening. Next up is a Casablanca night on November 4th, and a Hamlet Ubu night is planned for December 2016.

Expect the unexpected. Notifications about  upcoming Ubu Nights @ The Gym are posted on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FreeTheatre When there is not an Ubu Night, Ubu's Bar will still be open every Friday in The Gym from 5pm.

Free Theatre's annual Te Puna Toi event is also something to mark in your calendar. Currently under development is A Midsummer Night's Dream.