What’s On In Christchurch In October

The Body Festival

This annual festival of dance and physical theatre going through to the 13th of October is a celebration of the very best of New Zealand’s dance talent. There is also the possibility for you to attend workshops and participation events as well for the more energetic!

For a list of everything that is planned for this event go to the Body Festival website and you can pick from Performance Events, ‘Have A Go’ workshops, NASDA Workshops, or Exhibitions and other Workshops and Events.


Gatsby’s Great Snow Ball

Spring is here and for fans of skiing, snow-boarding and all things winter-related, that means it is time to put the winter toys away for another year. But to close out the 2013 ski season with a bang, Gatsby’s Great Snowball, will be held at the new Cardboard Cathedral on Saturday, October 12th from 7:30pm until the witching hour of 12am.

The new Cardboard Cathedral, on the eastern side of Latimer Square, has become a popular venue for events like this and the entry price for Gadsby’s Great Snowball includes arrival nibbles, a lavish supper, music by local rock band The Easy Hearts and a photo booth for you to record your 1920s fashion sense. A cash bar will be running and the MC will be handing out spot prizes throughout the evening. So put on your best twenties gear and spend the night reminiscing about a great season of shredding whilst dancing the Charleston!

The Flight of the Godwits

If you ever thought the flight from Christchurch to Wellington was a bit strenuous, imagine flying all the way from Alaska to the Christchurch Estuary…non-stop! Well, that’s what the Eastern Bar-tailed Godwits do, every year without fail!

Their non-stop flight from Alaska to the Avon/Heathcote Estuary covers 11,000 kilometres and takes eight days, during which time they neither stop, nor feed.

Having arrived in Christchurch, they spend the summer feeding and building up their bodyweight until February, when the adult birds set off on an even more epic return flight back to Alaska via Australia and South-east Asia. The juvenile birds (those that were born in Alaska during the northern summer) remain behind to spend the winter in Canterbury, hanging out with the pied oyster-catchers, stilts and other wading birds that live permanently on the Estuary.

So while these amazing annual visitors are here in Christchurch, you can take a walk along the fringes of the estuary and watch the flocks of godwits feeding on the rich waters, fattening themselves up in preparation for their long flight back to the Northern Hemisphere when the southern summer comes to an end.


The Colour of Spring

October is the month that Christchurch becomes a city of colour. Having always been known as The Garden City, springtime in Christchurch is the time when the parks and gardens, riverbanks and open spaces become riots of colour. After the rigours of winter, the freshness of spring comes with a breath of fresh, fragrant air, and wherever you go in the city, you will be surrounded by the colour of spring.

Take a walk through the daffodil glades of Hagley Park, wander along the banks of the Avon or Heathcote rivers, or simply stroll along any suburban street and you will be greeted by a profusion of colourful flowers and fresh green foliage as the city’s trees come to life. You don’t need an excuse, or even a route to follow. Just go out and wander at random around the Garden City and experience the colour of spring in Christchurch.

Some other links to events to check out:

New Zealand Burlesque Festival, Woolston Club, 9 October 2013 (if you are a fan of Burlesque, a must-see!)

For the ‘Petrol-Heads’ and car enthusiasts amongst us there are two events in the October calendar,the first is the long standing and well-attended Vintage Car Club Canterbury Swap Meet and Display on 11,12,13 October, with the second on October 27 being the Kustom Car Club 50th Anniversary Public Display Day, this has Hot Rods, classic and muscle cars, bikes, etc, -

•For fans of the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, The Curse Of the Black Pearl’ plays on Saturday 12 October 2013, this is a Disney licensed presentation of the soundtrack from the Pirates of The Caribbean series.

The Singapore Airlines Diwali-Indian Festival of Lights on Saturday 26 October from 3pm – 9pm is a beautiful extravaganza of the diversity of the entire Indian culture, and includes floorshows, food and craft stalls, workshops, exhibitions and cultural demonstrations. This link to the official site is here http://www.diwalifestival.co.nz/