Welcome to our Reception!

One of the things we get lots of comments on from our guests is the range of information and other goodies provided by our reception team.

We have done our best to provide some essentials for guests staying with us, including the following:

1. Some excellent wines from around New Zealand, but featuring some a little closer to home!

We can highly recommend Main Divide and Black Estate for starters. (But they are all great!)

Canterbury Wines at Christchurch TOP 10

2. Snacks and nibbles. If you need more, there's plenty of shops and cafes across the road.

Sometimes you just want a packet of crisps to go with that bottle of wine or beer. We can help. And of course, it's not a holiday park without ice-cream!

Wines and snacks at Christchurch TOP 10

3. Free booklets from the Christchurch City Council about walks around Canterbury. Pop in and pick up the ones that appeal to you most!

Walking is wonderful nearly year round (gumboots and umbrellas might be required in the winter months) and the Council have done a great job with their brochures. You can also check out our blogs on walking for more ideas on where to head for a good leg stretch.

city council walks brochures Christchurch

4. Flyers for nearby restaurants and takeaways, including some with special discounts for our guests!

We have a lot of places you can dine out or takeaway within easy reach (walking distance) of the Park. So have a browse through the racks, or have a look at our takeaways blog post for some tips. 

Papanui takeaways and restaurants

5. Brochures and rack cards for a huge range of tourist/visitor activities from all around the South Island and even some up North. 

Feel free to ask our staff if you are interested in any of these and we can assist you with bookings and more information. We act as an information centre - always ready to help.

tourist activities Christchurch and Canterbury