Things to Do in Christchurch in July

Christchurch Farmers’ Market

Held each Sunday at Riccarton House from 9am-1pm, the market is a Christchurch institution.  Boutique retailers come from all over Canterbury to sell their wares here.  Alpine Forest honey is a perfect way to ward off winter ills while Aberfeldy Quince takes this humble fruit in directions your taste buds have never dreamed of. Bellbird Pastries sells a range of tempting delights including pain au chocolate, Danishes and croissants….mmmmmm!  Also for sale at other stalls are free range eggs, Cornish pasties, sauces, pork pies, and fruit cordials.  In short, everything you need for a gourmet picnic or tasty hand-arounds for Sunday afternoon visitors. 

Boulevard Arts Market

Held from Wednesday to Sunday, across the road from The Arts Centre, this open-air market is an extension of The Boulevard Container Shops, which are open here 7 days a week, 9am-5:30pm. The artisans' market represents the essence of New Zealand creativity in the form of locally- and New Zealand-made arts and crafts.  The traders and artisans sell wooden home wares, boxes and bowls; home spun, hand knitted woollen hats, jerseys and scarves, along with knitted dog coats to keep Towser warm this winter. Also on offer are original hand-painted water colours of iconic historic Christchurch buildings and locations. There is retro jewellery, pounamu, and locally-made paua shell gifts and souvenirs. Recently, The Arts Centre Book Shop has joined the market selling New Zealand books, cards and post-cards and Andrew Walmsly's photo prints. This is a great place to come and browse and there are plenty of coffee and snack options to tempt you as well.  Bring a book (or tablet or e-reader) and find a sunny corner in which to while away an hour or two.

The Christchurch Brick Show

OK…here’s something for kids of all ages, big and small.  New Zealand's biggest Lego show will exhibit amazing Lego models for all age groups in the amazing new hangar at the Air Force Museum, Wigram.  Enthusiasts and collectors will be out in force to show off their unique designs, collections and contraptions. Children will also have the opportunity to go hands on with dedicated Lego activities in a dedicated Lego play area. Ryan McNaught, who is Australia’s only Lego Certified Professional, will be a key presenter at the 2013 Brick Show and he is going to show off his most famous creation: a 5 meter tall Lego Saturn V Rocket. A study of LEGO over the last thirty years has discovered that the facial expressions of LEGO figures have become more angry.  Apparently this is not because they are unhappy; the expressions fit the more and more complex puzzle-solving situations LEGO figures are being put into.  But don’t take our word for it.  Go along the Christchurch Brick Show and see for yourself.

The Cancer Society Ball

This annual event, which raises money to assist with cancer research and with the support of cancer-sufferers and their families, is one of the highlights of the Christchurch social calendar. The ball, which kicks off at 7:30pm on Saturday July 13th, coast $195.00 per person.  This includes a three-course dinner, pre-ball drinks and the night’s entertainment is provided by the bands Almost Famous and Aftershock.  A charity auction will also be held.  So get on your glad-rags and sashay the night away for this worthy cause.

LA Mitchell and Friends

Following on from making some guest appearances with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra in 2011, pop/soul diva L.A. Mitchell returns to Christchurch to headline her own show, L.A. Mitchell & Friends.  As well as the C.S.O. she will be joined on stage by Christchurch band Dukes, soul vocalist Mark Vanilau and singer-songwriter Anik Moa.  Dave Dobbin will also make an appearance. L.A. Mitchell is one of New Zealand’s most sought-after performers.  She has opened for Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie and Guy Sebastian, and her vocals have graced recordings by Sola Rosa, Fly My Pretties and Oakley Grenell.  With a spectacular voice, and an absorbing live act, L.A. Mitchell & Friends promises to be a live-music highlight of the year.