Takeaway food options near Christchurch TOP 10

  • Burgers & Beers
  • China Kitchen
  • Malaysia Delights
  • Indian Pearl

Fancy a break from cooking? When it comes to picking a place to grab a takeaway, at Christchurch TOP 10 you’re really spoilt for choice. Within a couple of blocks of the park there are dozens of food outlets catering to all types of tastes with a wide variety of cuisines. We’ve made a shortlist of just some of what you can find within a short walk or drive from the comfort of your accommodation. To make it easier for you to decide, we've picked one per cuisine!

Fish & Chips

North Rd Fish supply

Situated next door to Tasty Thai, this excellent fish and chip shop is also just a short walk from the park. If the season’s right, you can also grab oysters here, as well as burgers and toasted sandwiches. 93 Main North Rd https://www.facebook.com/nrf.papanui


Burgers & Beers

If you’re after a burger that doesn’t come from a drive-through, Burgers & Beers is a great choice. Beef, lamb, venison, chicken, pork or fish burgers are available, of if you’re after something green you can even grab a salad. 478 Cranford St http://www.burgersandbeersinc.co.nz/menu/

Pizza & Italia

La Porchetta

Just across Cranford St from Meadow Park, La Porchetta is the place for all your Italian favourites, including pizzas, pastas, risottos, as well as gelatos and tiramisu. 484 Cranford St  http://www.laporchetta.com/our-menu-new-zealand


Khmer Satay Noodle House

A great place to grab an authentic Cambodian meal, the Khmer Satay Noodle house was established by refugees from the Pol Pot regime in the late 70’s and has become a NZ institution. If you like the taste you can also purchase Khmer Satay’s sauces at the supermarket to try at home. 23 Langdons Rd http://www.khmersatay.co.nz/family_story/index.html


Malaysia Delights

A cuisine that’s a melting pot of south east Asian influences, Malaysia Delights is the only restaurant in Christchurch which serves traditional Malaysian food. If you’re keen to try Penang Lobak, Laksa, Nasi Lemak or Roti Paratha, this is the place. 479 Papanui Rd http://malaysiadelights.co.nz/


Little Taipei

If you’re looking for something a little different from your usual Chinese takeaway, checkout Papanui’s Taiwanese restaurant Little Taipei. With their emphasis on street-style food, including popcorn chicken, Spring onion pancakes and taiwanese sauages, Little Taipei’s flavours are an exciting alternative.  507 Papanui Rd https://www.facebook.com/littletaipeinz/


Tasty Thai

This tiny little thai restaurant is only 600m from Meadow Park, so there’s no need to jump in your vehicle if you fancy a thai meal. There’s all your thai favourites on their takeaway menu, including superb curry puffs and tasty curries. 99A Main North Rd https://www.facebook.com/tastythaiPapanui/timeline


The China Kitchen

The China Kitchen relocated to Papanui after their central city restaurant was closed by the 2011 Earthquake. After the move they’ve revised their menu and offer new dishes to accompany old favourites. 17b Main North Rd http://www.chinakitchen.co.nz


Indian Pearl

This family run restaurant, specializing in North Indian cuisine, is well known for their authentic curry, Tandoori dishes and freshly baked Naan breads. Like North Fish Supply and Tasty Thai, it’s just a short walk from the park too. 101 Main North Rd http://www.indianpearlrestaurant.co.nz