Super Sized Fun Things to Do at Christchurch TOP 10

  • Giant Snooker at Christchurch Top 10
  • Slack Line at Christchurch Top 10
  • Christchurch TOP 10 kidzone
  • Bikes at Christchurch Top 10 Holiday Park

Lately we have been putting our minds to adding some new activities and facilities here at the park, and we turned to what things we could possibly add that would be unique (so far at least) to Christchurch TOP 10.

In the last few weeks we have rolled out a few of our new activities and we have another great facility to announce very soon (hint: if you're in town to spend most of your time at Christchurch Adventure Park, you will love it!)

So what have we got?

SNOOKBALL - first in New Zealand?

Yes that's right, we now have a Snookball table/pitch. This unique sport is a giant snooker table, with football sized balls. The game is played exactly the same as snooker, except you kick the balls instead of using a cue. So much fun for kids of all ages. So if you want to experience what it's like to be a miniature human on a giant table, this is the place for you!

Right now the Snookball is only available to guests staying at the park and their friends, so if you want to try it out for yourself, you know what to do. Come stay with us!

Slackline - test your balance

In the same area of the Park, we have installed a new slackline, for those who want to test their balancing skills - just a short distance above the ground. This is already proving very popular with guests, particularly teens and a little older - some of them of course are doing a bit of training to slackline at much great heights. Practice is always a great idea.

Giant Chess

Of course, giant chess isn't unique to us, but it gives you and a friend something else to play while you are waiting for your turn at the Snookball! 

Jumping Pillow

You will have seen these all around NZ at the other TOP 10 Holiday Parks, but this is a long standing favourite with our guests and their kids in particular. Jumping Pillows are an awesome extension on the traditional trampoline - super sized so there is plenty of room for a number of people bouncing at the same time.

Heated Pool and HydroSlide

Again, not unique to us, but we had to add the pool and slide to the list. They are super popular with the kids and with people of all ages, all year round. It's a bonus having an indoor pool to help keep everyone entertained when you are having a "stay at the park" day - or when you get back from a day out and about around Christchurch. Our pool is heated to 30deg Celsius year round.

Neos Game

Neos is loads of fun guaranteed to tire your kids out for a bit! Located in our Kids Zone, this is the game that will keep the family well and truly occupied while you are relaxing. And once again, it's indoors so its perfect if the weather is not great outside and the kids are going a bit stir crazy in your room. (Of course younger children still need some supervision while playing in the Kids Zone.)

3 and 4 Wheel Bikes

These are another popular feature at the Park and our smooth roads and paths around the property are ideal for biking - without having to venture onto the roads outside.