May Events in Christchurch

What to Do if You're Staying with Us in May

Populate! On the 10th of May the Christchurch Art Gallery lights up ten candles and celebrates its birthday by adding a new range of artworks across the city in various locations. Envisage a mix of a little bit strange, add a dash of humour and throw in a vivid cast of characters, sculptures, murals, night-time projections and a heavy metal gnome! This creative combo will give you an idea of the flavour of the the Populate! Exhibitions that will be used to help perk up the depopulated inner-city.

2013 Women's Basketball Championship For the sports buffs, The Women’s Basketball Championship will feature teams from around New Zealand and you can come along and watch a round robin tournament in Christchurch if you're about between the 3rd and 5th of May. If you are wanting to take the family along to a thrilling free admission event, make your way along to Cowles Stadium in the suburb of Wainoni and get in on the on-court action.

Laugh it Up in Christchurch Multi Emmy award winning Wayne Brady will have you clutching at your stomach with laughter if you go see his "Still Making SH*t Up" tour here in Christchurch from the 4th of May. His hilarious show features comedy, improv, singing and even dancing so his versatile act is bound to keep you enthralled. You may also recognise him as one of the stars on Whose Line is it Anyway and he will come to entertain us as part of the NZ International Comedy Festival, what a wonderful, jovial treat for those who need cheering up.

Kelvin Cruickshank presents Soul Food If you are after an evening with the paranormal, or just plain curious, one of the stars of the immensely popular local TV series Sensing Murder will be entertaining us at the Aurora Centre for the Performing Arts on Friday 17th of May. Kelvin has built up an excellent reputation as a talented physic and medium and is said to be able to facilitate contact with spirits around you who may want to get in contact from the other side. Watch families find comfort and help in achieving closure after painful losses of loved ones, plus also have a few laughs with Kelvin's frank, direct and down-to-earth style. Truly a show for the curious - whether you're a skeptic or a believer!

Great News for Blues Fans Midge Marsden and Chet O'connell will be playing some Bluesy tunes near the sea at the Pierside Cafe and Bar on the east side of Christchurch in New Brighton on Friday the 3rd. It's hard to believe that Midge's illustrious and well awarded career has lasted an impressive 50 years, he is also very popular musician amongst New Zealanders. It's fantastic that he is teaming up with kiwi Chet O'connell who has previously joined the stage with the likes of Joe Cocker and Cher. They will both play live music at the beach, sure to be an enjoyable day out in the breezy salty sea air.  Watch some Icy Angst in Action If you've never been to a game of Ice Hockey you'll be in for a thrilling surprise. It's a very skillful and aggressive game that will see you leaning back often to dodge the missile-like hockey pucks that seem to be aiming for you often! With the regular brawls between opposition team members and the fast paced excitement of this competitive game you're bound to be on the edge of your seat. This will be the best line up of players assembled to play ice hockey locally and the highlight is the 2013 Exhibition Cup. The game promises speed, action, scoring and crowd pleasing fights; so be there for the Canterbury Ice Hockey Festival on the 5th of May to see team Smirnov vs. Vienneau!

Events and Accommodation in Christchurch

If you are staying with us temporarily or you are looking for workers accommodation for the longer term, searching for accommodation in the area will see you sufficiently entertained with our monthly events in Christchurch. Even though May sees the city start to cool down, the events certainly don't. As you'll see there is no shortage of local activities in the Garden City so join in and enjoy.