Fascinating Christchurch Attractions

Two new and very unique attractions in Christchurch include Quake City in the the Re:start Mall, and the quite unusual sounding Cardboard Cathedral!

Check Out Quake City in the Re-start Mall

Quake City will feature objects affected by the quake, and will include relics such as the tip of the Christchurch Cathedral spire along with the famously ornate rose window. You will also get up close with the clock face that stood guard over the city in the old railway station plus some keepsakes of the Hotel Grand Chancellor. A more interactive part of the display tells heroic stories about our emergency response teams on the day of the large February seismic event, and take you through the science of earthquakes and volcanoes.

One of the bells from the beautiful Catholic Cathedral and the statue of John Godley provides a reminder of Christchurch's aural history. The exhibition is co-ordinated by the Canterbury Museum and is open for a lifespan of three years, acting as a real central point of interest for locals and visitors alike. Christchurch and Canterbury Tourism Chief Executive Tim Hunter said the opening could not have come at a better time. For a peek inside, check out some recent footage inside the attraction. The timely decision to open Quake City right at the peak of the city's bustling tourist period was a wise one and will further add to the economic recovery of the rapidly recovering city.

Have You Visited a Cardboard Cathedral?

We recommend during your stay that you also make time to visit Christchurch's temporary cardboard cathedral. Christchurch's newest Anglican cathedral is yet to be finished but the 700 seat building has already drawn global attention, some considering it to be in the top 10 of new attractions to visit, further increasing the high level of interest. While it sounds rather flimsy, each cardboard cladding tube is ultra robust, and there are 320 of them weighing 120kg per piece. These sturdy tubes will form the shape of the $5 million-plus A-frame building and will be high up on the  must-see list for intrigued tourists. The brainchild of creative Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, this architectural icon stems from his years of experience specialising in developing temporary structures. It sits in the lovely and lush Latimer Square, which is very centrally located and a quick walk from the main public transport hub in the city. A New Zealand first, never before has cardboard tubular cladding been used in such a project. Even though labelled 'temporary', it is predicted to endure at least 50 years of life and it will be around for as long as Cantabrians want it to be. Naylor Love Construction have taken on this mammoth task and it's hoped to be completed in April all going to plan. Despite still being in the process of completion, it is a worthwhile visit just to appreciate the sheer scale and architectural feat itself. If you are staying in the city long enough, make sure to also pop in to the Ellerslie Flower Show, then you would have seen the best activities Christchurch has to offer right now!