Exploring Christchurch's Current Cuisine Scene

  • BearLion Foods
  • BearLion Foods
  • St Asaph Street Kitchen
  • Tommy Taco
  • Food Trucks - Cathedral Square

Are you up with the play as to what restaurants, bars and eateries are new, hot and hip around Christchurch?

Well we've been keeping our finger on the pulse, so whether you're a local or here on holiday, let us take you and your taste buds on an adventure...

GT Organics and Sayings Cafe

Located conveniently across the road from Christchurch TOP 10 on Cranford Street is GT Organics and Sayings Cafe. GT organics is a grocery store that sells fresh organic fruit and veggies, dairy products, herbs and spices, dried fruit and grocery items. Located at the front of the shop is Sayings Cafe who serve a selection of organic vegetarian food that is both delicious and bound to satisfy, even those who are new to vegetarian cuisine. The handcrafted banana & chocolate hazelnut milk smoothie sounds pretty good!

Joe's Garage

Another handily located cafe in proximity of Christchurch TOP 10 is Joe's Garage new Cranford Street cafe. Great for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Joe's Garage aims to be a cafe that everybody can go to and enjoy exceptional coffee and food presented by attentive and enthusiastic staff, listen to cool music, and above all, have a lot of fun in an efficient "garage" environment. Judging by the fact that this is now the 7th Joe's to open, they must be doing something right! And if you like to decide on what you want before you head on in, you can check the menu here.

Engineers and Merchants

One of the newest Christchurch nightclub (downstairs) and restaurant (upstairs) combos is also in St Asaph St next to Baretta. Merchants is an edgy nightclub with dancing and music, catering for the late night crowd. Engineers is a gastro pub-style restaurant and rooftop bar. Upstairs is all about good food and atmosphere, while downstairs is made for dancing - the best of both worlds. This new hotspot is open 11.30am until late, 178 St Asaph St.

BearLion Foods

Regular favourites at the Riccarton Bush Farmers Market on Saturdays, BearLion Foods have now opened a cafe on Carnaby Lane (78 Brighton Mall) in New Brighton. Open Thursday to Saturday from 8:30am until 2:30pm, you will find a delicious selection of local, organic and preservative free options. The tastefully furnished cafe, takes you on a journey - you could be in the heart of a European city. With re-worked wooden furniture, well-chosen art work and bowls of fresh fruit and vegetables on display the place oozes good vibes and you could no doubt while away the hours. Not to be missed are the salads which you can eat in or takeaway, and if you visit on a Thursday, you can get yourself a delicious organic spelt flour loaf by Grizzly Bagel. The food is organic, gluten free and dairy free, so perfect for those with intolerances and those who are lovers of "real food".

Tommy Taco

It's a taco truck, run by two Toms. Hence Tommy Taco. It's a simple concept and it works well. Bloody well. Tired of their day jobs, the two Toms decided to buy a truck and then sort the rest from there. The rest is going surprisingly well, they now have their own thriving business which has built a reputation for delivering tasty treats. Want to get your hands on one? You'll need to keep an eye on their website - they are quite the nomads, updating their weekly schedule and locations each Sunday. Or you could book them out for a private event... tacos for everyone!

Friday Night Food Trucks

Hungry? Well if it's a Friday afternoon you're in luck... Head on down to Cathedral square between 4pm and 10pm to get yourself a delicious feed. Aimed at bringing some vibrancy and family friendly fun back to the city, the food trucks will be accompanied by events and activities. So whether you're after authentic Mexican street food, Sri Lankan finger food, European rotisserie chicken or many other global cuisine options then head into Cathedral Square. Oh and bring your appetite.

If you like to see where everything is located, check out this handy map from Christchurch and Canterbury Tourism.