Committed to the Environment - And the Worms!

Here at Christchurch TOP 10 we are excited to be involved in some pretty cool eco-friendly projects. One such project is Orana Park's preservation of endangered species conservation scheme. We are proud to announce that we are Platinum sponsors of this project and have adopted a Kiwi! We are delighted to support New Zealand's native conservation efforts.

Our interest in sustainability and caring for the environment was recognised by the Park gaining Silver status through the Qualmark Enviro Awards system. This status is obtained through having high levels of conservation and social responsibility and is testament to our commitment to the environment and the community. Some of the ways we demonstrate this around the Park include our focus on recycling, energy-efficient buildings and our work to conserve energy and water, including installing solar panels and sensor lighting.

A project we initiated here at the Park is developing a worm farm as well as donating a worm farm to nearby Papanui Primary School. Worm farming is compost produced by worms and your kitchen food scraps. Compared to ordinary soil, soil enriched with compost made from worm farming is full of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium which is valuable for plant growth.