Christchurch Stands Tall - Giraffes in the City...

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Forget the African savannas, you can see giraffes in Christchurch!

In fact 99 giraffe sculptures are scattered around the city as part of the Christchurch Stands Tall public art series. 49 of which are giant fibreglass 2.5 metre tall sculptures sponsored by local businesses, charities, community groups, education establishments and individuals.

Artists, of all ages and artistic abilities were invited to submit their designs. The best designs were selected by sponsors to feature on the Christchurch Stands Tall sculpture trail.

RifRaff Giraffe SculptureThe trail is scattered all over Christchurch with a focus on the CBD. It's an innovative and interesting way to see the new developments happening around the city whilst trying to track down each of the giraffes. To help in your search you can download the following map or the free App for iOS and Android phones by searching for ‘Christchurch Stands Tall Official App’ or scanning the QR codes found on the plaques on the plinths.

A further 50 giraffes have been sponsored and decorated by local schools, the calf sized sculptures also feature on the trail and will be theirs to keep after the event which finishes on the 24th of January, 2015.

As for the tall giraffes, they will be auctioned at the end of the public art exhibition. This will take place on the 11th of February at the Christchurch Casino Mashina Lounge. Proceeds from the auction will go to local charities to help in the rebuilding of Christchurch and people's lives. The chosen charities include the Child Cancer Foundation, Life Education Trust Canterbury, Gap Filler and Life in Vacant Spaces. Tickets for the auction can be purchased here from Dash Tickets.

The arts trail is the brain child of Wild in Art. The UK based organisation has now held 26 arts trails around the world with Christchurch's giraffes being their first in New Zealand. From Gorillas to Penguins, Wild in Art's exhibitions have been hugely popular, attracting visitors from outside the host cities along with drumming up millions of conversations on social media. Here's hoping for the same in Christchurch and some generous donations to the chosen charities!

For further information you can check out the official Christchurch Stands Tall website, Facebook page or Twitter page.