Christchurch Makes Lonely Planet TOP 10 Cities for 2013

Great to see that global travel guide site Lonely Planet has placed Christchurch at #6 of it's Top 10 Cities to visit in 2013. Although we have definitely been suffering over the last two years from reduced tourist visitors, it seems that the combination of CCT's "Reimagine Christchurch" advertising campaign, and the latest rating from Lonely Planet is likely to boost visitor numbers sooner than otherwise expected.

Described as "rising from the rubble with flair" and as being best for culture, events and families, Lonely Planet sees Christchurch as a great place to visit over the next 12 months as the city continues to emerge in its new form. Creative types ranging from performers to artists and architects have truly embraced the 'transitory' nature of life in the city at present - not content to leave city blocks bare and wind blown, GapFiller have provided a number of programmes and initiatives bringing life and people back into the city. The very popular Dance O Mat (pictured below) is re-opening very soon near the Re:Start Mall (pop up shops) and the Nike soccer pitch.

The recent LUXCITY event, which was part of the Festival of Transitional Architecture happening in the city (and what better place to do so!) brought thousands of locals into the central city to celebrate creative play with light, city markets and live music. We expect to see more and more of these events in the months to come, especially with the advent of the City Council Summertimes programme due to kick off in the near future. At the park we are pleased to see people getting out and enjoying what our city has to offer, whether they are locals using our accommodation while homes are under repair, or visitors to the city and the region. If you are from outside the city and considering a visit, you might like the free download provided by Lonely Planet of their rewritten Christchurch and Canterbury chapter.