Christchurch Food Trucks

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  • Dukes of Sandwich
  • Fritz's Wieners Cathedral Square
  • Coq au Van
  • Tiki Taco
  • Tacos

In the last couple of years, Christchurch has become a hub of delicious meals on wheels in the form of food trucks. Scattered all over our fine city, there's nothing better than stumbling upon one of these gems and filling up with your favourite fare. However, on the flip side there can be a bit of disappointment if you can't find a food truck that you're trying to track down.

So we here at Christchurch TOP 10 have decided to put together a list of some of Christchurch's Food Trucks. Along with a bit of a blurb we have added their social media channels and websites so you can hunt them down and treat yourself to tasty morsels! Oh and along with mobile food vendors there are those that are... well, a little less mobile, and a lit bit more "shipping-containery". A few years ago that would have been unheard of, now it is all the rage! Just look at the extremely successful Re:START container mall.

Anyway, without further ado, here's our list:

Food Truck Fridays, Cathedral Square

Back on again for the summer months in Cathedral Square every Friday evening till the end of March 2016. Most of the food trucks below can be found in the centre of the city, where you can take your pick of favourites or try something new, while listening to whichever music is being featured that evening.

Tommy Taco

Where to find it: You’ll need to keep an eye on their website - these guys are quite the nomads but they keep their weekly schedule and locations updated each Sunday. Or you could book them for a private event…tacos for everyone!

The menu: It's a taco truck, run by two Toms. Hence Tommy Taco. It's a simple concept and it works well. Bloody well. Tired of their day jobs, the two Toms decided to buy a truck and then sort the rest from there. The rest is going surprisingly well, they now have their own thriving business which has built a reputation for delivering tasty treats.

Tommy Taco - Website
Tommy Taco - Facebook

Tiki Taco

Where to find it: Tiki Taco can generally be found at the Re:START Mall (look out for the colourful teal caravan) but they’re also available for events.

The menu: Tiki Taco are specialists in creating a unique Kiwi/Mexican fusion. Crafted from locally farmed ingredients, Tiki Taco whip up their tortillas from homemade dough, and their fire-roasted sauce is made fresh from an old South Mexican recipe. Along with a range of Tacos, you'll also find salads, nachos and mexi-cheese toasties on the menu. Gluten-free, vegetarian, low carb, ‘Paleo’ and low fat options are available.

Tiki Taco - Website
Tiki Taco - Facebook

Coq Au Van

Where to find it: Coq Au Van can be found in the Re:START mall but you’ll also see them taking the ‘Mothership’ out and about to events across the city and to Food Truck Fridays, so check out their Facebook page to see where they’ll be.

The menu: A mobile rotisserie with French flair, the menu changes regularly with sumptuous daily specials such as the pork belly, lamb provencal, chicken BLT, and roast pumpkin, feta and spinach salad.

Coq Au Van - Facebook

Liberty Foods

Where to find it: Liberty Foods certainly make the most of their mobile restaurant – see their Facebook page to find out where they’ll be next.

The menu: If you’re after a good ol’ fashioned American hot dog then look no further. The team at Liberty Foods not only produce this American classic but also sell Cuban sandwiches, Mexican Nachos and Spanish Churros (crunchy, deep-fried sweet snack that is similar to a donut).

Liberty Foods - Facebook

Dukes of Sandwich

Where to find it: In summer at events like Buskers, Wine and Food, Beer Fest, Culverden Fete. Also at the big craft markets and during the week at The Commons. In the weekends at Ohoka Farmers Market on Friday. Christchurch Farmers Market on Sat and downtown Farmers Market on Sundays.

The menu: 'The Dukes of Sandwich' serve up hot ciabatta sandwiches filled with free range and organic marinated meats and fresh local & organic produce. They make all their own chutneys and sauces and have grown a lot of their own certified veges. 

Dukes of Sandwich - Facebook

Loco's Tex-Mex Cuisine

Where to find it: Currently situated at 265 St Asaph Street, Loco's Tex-Mex are open 7 days of the week.

The menu: Whether you're after a lunch time snack or have a craving after a night on the town, Loco's aim to satisfy your hunger needs. Their offerings include delectable ribs, chilidogs and tacos.

Loco's TexMex - Website
Loco's TexMex - Facebook

The Holy Grill

Where to find it: The Holy Grill can generally be found on Peterborough Street during the week. They’re open for lunches from Monday to Thursday (10:30am to 2:30pm) and dinners on Fridays (4:00pm - 10:00pm).

The menu: With great food and friendly faces, The Holy Grill is a popular jaunt. Try the Boss Hog - pulled pork, slaw, spiced pickled cucumber, chipotle lime mayo, all on a toasted bun or grilled wrap. Om nom nom.

The Holy Grill - Facebook

Transylvanian Delight - Chimney Cake

Where to find it: These guys are regulars at the Riccarton Rotary Market and the Lyttleton Farmers market but they also have a Facebook page and a website where they update their whereabouts.

The menu: Transylvanian Delight are known for their delicious chimney cakes. Curious? Chimney cake, also known as Kürtőskalács, is a popular pastry specific to Hugarian speaking regions like Transylavania, Romania. Traditionally made of sweet dough, and cooked over hot charcoal cinders, the cake is drizzled with melted butter until it is golden brown, and sprinkled with sugar until it caramelises. Surely you're hungry now... My mouth is watering just writing about it...

Transylvanian Delight - Website
Transylvanian Delight - Facebook

Chimney Cakes - Transylvanian Delight


Where to find it: All over Christchurch! Check out their Facebook page or the calendar on the website to find out where you’ll be. Or just drive around looking for them like a treasure hunt without clues. That could be fun too.

The menu: Mamacita’s is a mobile taco truck that makes authentic Mexican street food. Their menu changes with the seasons so check out the delicious enchiladas and hearty soups which should be coming in soon for Winter. 

Mamacitas - Website
Mamacitas - Facebook

Fritz's Wieners

Where to find it: Fritz’s Wieners have several trucks around Christchurch so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one. They’re regulars at the Christchurch Farmers Market and the Riccarton Rotary Market and they also have a semi-permanent spot in Re:START. There’s also have a Facebook page and a website which can be used to track them down.

The menu: New Zealand’s favourite German style Bratwurst sausage in a bun! There’s several flavours of smoked bratwurst sausage, the baguette buns are freshly baked and you can select a range of garnishes. There’s no downside. 

Fritz's Wieners - Website
Fritz's Wieners - Facebook

Street Food

Where to find it: On weekdays Street Food has a spot on Peterborough Street or check out their Facebook page to see which other events they’ll be at.

The menu: Street Food makes a range of fresh and tasty Vietnamese food. The menu includes fresh rice paper rolls, Vietnamese fried chicken and Banh Mi which is essentially a baguette filled with delish Vietnamese vegetables and your choice of meat. Street Food is worth checking out just to try this perfect union of French and Vietnamese cooking.

Street Food - Facebook

Thai Container

Where to find it: 151 Bealey Ave Christchurch (the corner of Bealey Ave and Colombo Street). The serving window is on wheels so we’ll say this counts as a food van despite the Thai Container’s more permanent location.

The menu: The Thai Container has quickly become a favourite with locals and it’s no surprise why when you see the range of amazing Thai dishes coming out of this container. We won’t go into all of their dishes here because there just isn’t enough space but their website has a full menu or visit their Facebook page for the occasional delicious giveaway. 

Thai Container - Website
Thai Container - Facebook

All Things Nice

Where to find it: The van is pink so they shouldn’t be too hard to spot but check out their Facebook page to see where they’ll be around the city.

The menu: Mini donuts. We can’t be sure why mini donuts taste better than regular donuts, only that they do.

All Things Nice - Website
All Things Nice - Facebook

Berry Healthy

Where to find it: Berry Healthy has a spot at the Re:START mall as well as being regulars at the Riccarton market.

The menu: Real fruit, combined with New Zealand ice cream and Yoghurt. Doesn’t matter whether it’s warm or cold outside – it’s always delicious.

Berry Healthy - Facebook

Miss Lilly's Boutique Catering

Where to find it: This mobile café gets hitched to the towbar of the family wagon and ends up all over the city so check out their website or Facebook page to find out where they’ll be next. Miss Lilly’s can also be hired for weddings or other local events around Canterbury.

The menu: Healthier than the standard "hot dogs and chips" vans, Miss Lily's differentiate themselves by providing heathier and tastier choices. The menu includes gourmet jumbo sammies, fresh salads, bacon and egg bagels, rose water pavlovas and chocolate raspberry brownies. They also serve really good espressos coffee that use Caffe L'affare coffe beans.

Miss Lilly's - Website
Miss Lilly's - Facebook

Re:START Container Mall

We know that some of these aren’t technically food trucks but there’s so many delicious options that we thought we’d mention them. Re:START container mall is an interim solution to fill some gaps following the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes. The mall has helped to propel Christchurch into sixth position on Lonely Planet's guide of "must visit" places in the world. Situated at the corner of Cashel Street and Oxford Terrace, Re:START has over 50 businesses, market stalls and is a hive of activity for both tourists and locals alike. Food stalls include:

Re:START Container Mall - Website
Re:START Container Mall - Facebook

That's all for now, but keep checking back as we will add to this list regularly. If you have any great recommendations then please message or comment on our Christchurch TOP 10 Facebook, or Christchurch TOP 10 Google+ pages.