Best Group Accommodation in Christchurch

  • Te Matatini 2015

Being an event manager, club secretary or just the "organised one" in a large extended family will usually see you being the person who has to find suitable accommodation when your group plans a trip away from home.

If you are visiting Christchurch, we can help you with your planning process - and of course provide cost-effective, family friendly accommodation that suits groups of all sizes.

Many people from outside of Christchurch (and a fair number of locals) don't realise that Christchurch TOP 10 is one of the largest accommodation providers in the city, particularly now that the number of large hotels has dwindled after the 2011 earthquakes.

Being located outside the city centre meant that we were able to get up and running after February 22nd very quickly, providing a home away from home for many tourists and locals left without a bed. Four years later, we are still housing families displaced while insurance work is being carried out on their homes or new houses are being built.

And we are also a popular location for groups arriving in the city for national or regional events and competitions like the Kapa Haka nationals - Te Matatini, being held in Hagley Park next month (March 4 - 8 2015). 

If you have a group to house in the city over the coming months, please give our reception team a call to talk about your requirements. You can see some details of the Park facilities here, and we can also help you plan day trips around the region if you need some local knowledge.

Of course, reading through some of our blog posts, should also give you a clear idea of things to do in the city and beyond, from the best places to run, through to the best places for brunch.

We know that groups of all types and sizes have found the Park a great spot to stay for a week or a few days - particularly school groups, sports clubs and families needing accommodation for weddings, family reunions and other events. 

You can choose from a range of accommodation types and prices, which means we have something suitable for everyone in your group, no matter how big or small the budget.